Stubmatic Mock the behaviour of HTTP(s) / REST / SOAP services



Don't forget to check wiki for detailed and updated documentations.


To make the response dynamic, stubmatic comes with various features

  • Strategy: it helps to pick one file to serve the response.
  • Default mapping and short notations: Helps to keep mapping file as small as possible whitout verbosing same information
  • Multiple mapping files: Helps to keep the project organized.
  • Regular Expressions: You can use RE to match a request, capture some part of the request, to decide response file at runtime, to change contents of response at runtime etc. You can capture request part from URL, request body, headers, and query parameters.
  • Expressions: Stubmatic has support for inbuilt functions and markers to display date, random number etc.
  • Dumps: You can devide the response from multiple files to keep it simplified. And join them at runtime using dumps.
  • DB sets: Instead of creating multiple response files for each request, you can create response skeleton. Later you can fill data in this skeleton from dumps and data tables (DB sets).
  • Latency: You can set fix or random delay to serve the response
  • HTTPS: It supports HTTP and HTTPS both. You can set up 1 way and 2 way SSL hanshaking.
  • Attachments: You can write mapping to response a file.
  • Compression: If accept-encoding header is set to deflate or gzip then Stubmatic serves compressed response.
  • Configuration: If configuration file is missing, Stubmatic can build the response on the basis of directory structure.
  • Proxy: From 5.x onwards, you can also route requests to other servers..
  • Insepect HTTP requests: From 5.x onwards, You can inspect any HTTP request from CLI without setting up stubmatic repo..
  • Validator: You can validate XML, JSON, and YAML files from CLI that you mostly need to make stubs.
  • Other: There are also many other small features, like set response code, response headers, logging, debugging etc.

Other highlitghs

  • Memory and CPU efficient
  • Ready to be used in performance environment
  • No open bug

Who is using Stubmatic

There are more than 3000 people around the world who is using this tool. I'll update here with detail whoever would like to share the information.